Friday, June 11, 2010

A Salute to Drago's

I forgot how much I liked Drago's Restaurant in New Orleans (Metarie). It is home to the "best single bite of food" in New Orleans; which is saying a lot! Those in the know understand that I am talking about their charbroiled oysters.

My wife and I had the opportunity to patronize Drago's a couple of days ago. Our waiter and the rest of the staff were great. Of course, we started off with a dozen charbroiled oysters. The basic premise is that you leave the oysters on the half shell and place them directly over high flame. While cooking you dose them with a butter, garlic, and herb sauce. Finally, before taking them off the flame you load them up with parmesan cheese. There is no way you can go wrong with this, but Drago's has it down to an art. It is simply the best!

Drago's is more than just oysters. I have tried and enjoyed many of their dishes. When our waiter starting describing their specials my wife and I both stopped him when he got to the stuffed, fried, soft shell crab. There was a generous portion of crab meat stuffing (full of jumbo lump crab meat) in the center of the plate surrounded by a large soft shell crab which had been quartered. As if that was not enough, the whole thing was covered with a cream sauce containing shrimp. It was the best stuff soft shell crab dish I have ever had. It replaced the hallelujah crab that is a famous dish at many restaurants between Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

The real reason I am posting this review is because I want to promote people who are a good example of what is going on right in South Louisiana. We went down to Drago's because we wanted to support those folks who are beginning to feel that pinch from the gulf oil spill. Drago's uses Louisiana oysters that they get straight from the docks. They are also famous for the help they gave the community during the Katrina aftermath. For several weeks after the hurricane Drago's fed the community for free. It is this same spirit of working together that we need now in South Louisiana to help make it through the tuff times that will arise as a result of the oil spill. So I solute Drago's and I pray for all the fishermen and their families who are being effected by this environmental tragedy. Safe travels everyone - go in peace.