Wednesday, September 21, 2011

John Newman Williams

Monday morning I received a phone call from my Dad. Somehow I knew what it was before he told me. His brother, my uncle Johnny, had past away after a long, courageous bout with cancer. I wrote the following poem in honor of his memory as soon as i got off the phone. I hope it is fitting.

"Brother John"

First Born
Committed to the Cause
Peace be with You

Partners in Crime - He & She
Dad to Three
Father to Many
Peace be with You

Circuit Rider -
for a Modern Age
Set Himself Ablaze
Others Watched Him Burn
Peace be with You

Strong in Spirit
Dedicated in Purpose
Grace to the End
Peace be with You

Pictures Fade
but Imprints Remain
Peace be with You


The Tame Lion said...

Nice post! Impressive!

KimbraJoy said...

Well said and a perfect description...

Carlos said...

Thank you. He was an impactful man :)

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Sorry to hear about your Uncle Johnny. Wishing you and your family Advent peace.

Jeremy Bates said...

Deserve to be a leader..

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry and will be praying for you.

Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Sounds like his encouragment and example will continue with his memory. How wonderful for you to know a man such as your Uncle Johnny. May God bless and keep you and shine His face upon you!

António Jesus Batalha said...

Muito bom o seu blog, estive a percorre-lo li alguma coisa, porque espero voltar mais algumas vezes,deu para perceber a sua dedicação em partilhar o seu saber.
Se me der a honra de visitar e ler algumas coisas no Peregrino e servo ficarei radiante.
E se gostar e desejar comente.
Que Deus vos abençõe e guarde.
Abraço.Peregrino E Servo.